Supporting people. Driving performance.

We at Deutsche Telekom are actively shaping the digitalization of society and, at the same time, are engaged in the digital transformation of our own company. In many areas, new technologies and business models entail fundamental changes to our working world and the skills we require for it. Our aspiration is to steer this change process and, in doing so, shift the focus of attention to people. After all, it is our employees who make all the difference. In order to offer our customers not only outstanding products and services, but also excellent customer service, we need the very best employees – now and in the future. That is why we also have to remain an attractive employer for talented individuals. We need to create a working environment that encourages flexible, participative methods of work. Beyond that, we are constantly endeavoring to expand our existing training options in order to entrench a culture of learning and build up the new skills needed to meet current and future challenges. SDG 8

We have derived our strategic priorities from the requirements of our employees and our business. Our approach in the pursuit of these priorities is agile, focusing on the business topics of relevance to us.

Our priorities in 2019

  1. Recruiting, placing, and developing people
  2. Evolving our culture
  3. Enabling a customer-centric and agile way of working

In the following, we provide details of sample projects and initiatives designed with these priorities in mind.