Other transactions that had no effect on the composition of the Group

OTE share buy-back

As a consequence of a share buy-back program implemented in 2018, OTE held a total of 10,211,070 treasury shares with an aggregate value of EUR 109 million as of December 31, 2018. The extraordinary shareholders’ meeting of OTE S.A. on December 19, 2018 resolved to withdraw 10,211,070 shares from circulation, with a corresponding capital reduction of EUR 29 million. The shares were retired from the Athens Stock Exchange on February 19, 2019. As a result, Deutsche Telekom’s share in the OTE group increased from 45.00 to 45.96 percent.

Resolution on T‑Mobile US’ share buy-back program in the event of the termination of the agreement with Sprint

On April 27, 2018, T‑Mobile US’ Board of Directors authorized an increase in the total share buy-back program to up to USD 9.0 billion, consisting of the USD 1.5 billion in repurchases already executed and for up to an additional USD 7.5 billion of T‑Mobile US common stock until the end of 2020. The additional buy-back authorization is contingent upon termination of the business combination agreement with Sprint.