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2 Trade receivables

At EUR 16.2 billion, trade receivables decreased by EUR 0.6 billion against the 2022 year-end level, mainly as a result of a decline in receivables in the United States operating segment due to a decline in volume of devices sold and leased. Exchange rate effects, in particular from the translation of U.S. dollars into euros, also had a decreasing effect. By contrast, receivables increased in the Europe and Germany operating segments.

Of the total of trade receivables, EUR 13,910 million (December 31, 2022: EUR 14,013 million) is due within one year. As of the reporting date, trade receivables with a carrying amount of EUR 889 million were pledged as collateral in connection with asset-backed securities issued by T‑Mobile US.

For information on allowances, credit ratings, and write-offs of receivables as well as on factoring agreements, please refer to Note 43 “Financial instruments and risk management.”