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Business activities

With 252 million mobile customers, 25 million fixed-network lines, and 22 million broadband customers, we are one of the leading integrated telecommunications companies worldwide. We provide fixed-network/broadband, mobile, internet, and internet-based TV products and services for consumers, and information and communication technology (ICT) solutions for business and corporate customers. We have an international focus and are represented in more than 50 countries. With some 200 thousand employees worldwide (as of December 31, 2023), we generated revenue of EUR 112.0 billion in the 2023 financial year. 77.0 % of the Group’s net revenue is generated outside of Germany.

Our ambition is to become the Leading Digital Telco. Only if Deutsche Telekom is digitalized in all areas, can the success of the last few years continue. With our footprint in Europe and the United States, we are ideally positioned for this. Our core business, i.e., the operation and sale of networks and lines, remains the basis.

For further information on our Leading Digital Telco vision, please refer to the section “Group strategy.”

Our mobile communications business offers mobile voice and data services to consumers and business customers; in addition, we sell mobile devices and other hardware. We also sell mobile services to resellers and to companies that buy network services and market them to third parties (mobile virtual network operators, or MVNOs). Our fixed-network business includes all voice and data communications activities based on fixed-network and broadband technology. This includes the sale of terminal equipment and other hardware, as well as the sale of services to resellers. Drawing on a global infrastructure of data centers and networks, we operate ICT systems for multinational corporations and public-sector institutions.

Our responsible corporate governance and business success are based on our shared corporate values and our Guiding Principles.

For further information about our Guiding Principles, please refer to the section “Employees.”

Our identity defines our corporate purpose and describes what we at Deutsche Telekom stand for: We want to be a sustainably growing company that not only delights its customers, creates value for its investors, and in which employees enjoy their work, but also one that is environmentally friendly and fosters a democratic and inclusive society. Our network is fast, reliable, secure, and should be easily accessible for everyone. In addition, it has been operated throughout the Group with electricity from 100 % renewable sources since 2021. But, we are more than just another company that provides society with infrastructure. We want to connect people and make their lives permanently easier and more enriched. This is also what the new brand claim, which we introduced in the reporting year, stands for: T – Connecting your world. With our No Hate Speech campaign, we are actively pushing for greater digital democracy. We are a close and trusted companion to the customer; transparent, fair, and open to dialog. We identify innovative products at an early stage and develop them in collaboration with our partners. It is our contribution to social togetherness. Our identity reflects all of this. We want everyone to #TAKEPART as is summarized in one short purpose statement: We won’t stop until everyone is connected.

Fixed-network lines
Lines in operation excluding internal use and public telecommunications, including IP-based lines. The totals reported in the combined management report were calculated on the basis of precise figures and rounded to millions or thousands. Percentages were calculated on the basis of the figures shown.
ICT – Information and Communication Technology
Information and Communication Technology
MVNO – Mobile Virtual Network Operator
Company that offers mobile minutes at relatively low prices without subsidized handsets. A mobile virtual network operator does not have its own wireless network, but uses the infrastructure of another mobile operator to provide its services.
Mobile customers
In the combined management report, one mobile communications card corresponds to one customer. The totals were calculated on the basis of precise figures and rounded to millions or thousands. Percentages were calculated on the basis of the figures shown (see also SIM card).