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2 Trade receivables

At EUR 16.8 billion, trade receivables increased by EUR 1.5 billion against the 2021 year-end level. In the United States operating segment, the increase in receivables was mainly due to exchange rate effects, as well as to customer additions for the Equipment Installment Plan . The carrying amount in the Germany operating segment also increased, mainly as a result of the termination of factoring agreements. The carrying amount was reduced by higher allowances of customer receivables, in particular in the United States operating segment. These resulted from higher receivables and potential future macroeconomic effects. Furthermore, wholesale receivables in the United States declined.

Of the total of trade receivables, EUR 14,013 million (December 31, 2021: EUR 12,462 million) is due within one year. As of the reporting date, trade receivables with a carrying amount of EUR 858 million were pledged as collateral in connection with asset-backed securities issued by T‑Mobile US.

For information on allowances, credit ratings, and write-offs of receivables as well as on factoring agreements, please refer to Note 42 “Financial instruments and risk management.”

Refers to the business of selling services to third parties who sell them to their own retail customers either directly or after further processing.