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Supporting people. Driving performance.

We at Deutsche Telekom are actively shaping the digitalization of society and, at the same time, we are engaged in the cultural and digital transformation. In many areas, environmental effects, new technologies, and business models entail fundamental changes to our working world and the skills we require for it. Our aspiration is to steer this transformation process and, in doing so, shift the focus of attention to people. As HR, our vision is to create the Best Team in the Industry. On the one hand, this requires us to safeguard the competitiveness of our organization, further enhance our attractiveness as an employer, and create a working environment capable of responding dynamically to changes in how we work today. On the other, it means establishing powerful HR IT systems with which we can become even more efficient and agile. We continue to focus on strengthening a culture of diversity and participation in which all employees have the opportunity to unlock their full potential. Above and beyond this, we place a particular emphasis company-wide on building and extending urgently needed technical and digital skills to systematically shape up our company in readiness for the challenges that lie ahead.

Our people strategy is thus central to the implementation of our Group strategy to become the Leading Digital Telco. We bundle our programs and initiatives into five strategic priorities, which we further refined in the reporting year and present in the following for illustrative purposes.

  1. Future-proof organization
  2. Top tech and digital skills
  3. Best place to work
  4. Leadership in digital tomorrow
  5. HR IT & data-driven HR