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Coronavirus pandemic

In 2021, the global economy recovered from the coronavirus-induced crisis, although economic development is still feeling the reverberations. Due to higher demand for certain telecommunications services, the impact of the crisis is being felt less severely by the telecommunications industry and Deutsche Telekom than by other industries. Business activities and thus the results of operations and financial position of Deutsche Telekom were impacted by the coronavirus pandemic in various business areas, affecting revenue and earnings, although not to any significant extent. Deutsche Telekom has put in place cost-saving measures to mitigate potential effects on earnings. At this time, we can report only very minor repercussions with respect to payment defaults and customer numbers.

Possible future effects on the measurement of individual assets and liabilities are being analyzed on an ongoing basis. Due to the uncertain path of the coronavirus pandemic, Deutsche Telekom cannot rule out economic implications resulting from possible further developments, such as the emergence of virus mutations. Based on experience so far, the coronavirus pandemic is expected to continue to have only a limited impact on Deutsche Telekom’s business going forward.