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46 Events after the reporting period

Extension of agreement between T‑Mobile US and Crown Castle. In January 2022, T‑Mobile US and Crown Castle International agreed a modification to existing contracts, mainly concerning the lease of Crown Castle International’s cell sites. This agreement modifies the monthly lease payments for existing cell sites, provides for an extension of the non-cancelable lease term until December 31, 2033 (with additional extension options), and is to give T‑Mobile US greater flexibility for building out the network as well as integrating and merging the existing mobile networks. The modification of the agreement is expected to result, in 2022, in an increase of the carrying amounts of the right-of-use assets and the lease liabilities before deferred taxes of USD 7.3 billion (EUR 6.4 billion) in each case and in an increase in other financial liabilities before deferred taxes of USD 0.9 billion (EUR 0.8 billion) for components of the agreement that due to their financing nature do not fall within the scope of IFRS 16. This represents a preliminary estimate of the impact and may be revised as upon finalization of the accounting.

FCC spectrum auction in the United States. In January 2022, in the United States, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced the results of the 3,450 MHz auction for mobile licenses. T‑Mobile US was awarded 199 mobile licenses in mid-band spectrum between 3,450 and 3,550 MHz for a purchase price of USD 2.9 billion (EUR 2.6 billion). T‑Mobile US deposited cash collateral of USD 0.1 billion (EUR 0.1 billion) with the FCC in September 2021 for participation in the auction. T‑Mobile US paid the remaining purchase price of USD 2.8 billion (EUR 2.5 billion) to the FCC in the first quarter of 2022.