Risk and opportunity management

SDG 16

  • We have an effective early warning system for risks in place
  • We identify our opportunities and specify them during the planning process

Board of Management's assessment of the aggregate risk and opportunity position

The assessment of the aggregate risk position is the outcome of the consolidated analysis of all material risk categories or individual risks. The aggregate risk position did not change fundamentally in 2018 compared with the previous year. Our major challenges particularly include the regulatory factors, intense competition, and strong price erosion in the telecommunications business. As it stands today, Deutsche Telekom’s Board of Management sees no risk to the Group’s continued existence as a going concern. As of the reporting date and the time of preparing the statement of financial position, there were no risks that jeopardize Deutsche Telekom AG’s and key Group companies’ continued existence as a going concern.

We are convinced that we will also be able to master challenges and exploit opportunities in the future without having to take on any unacceptably high risks. We strive to achieve a good overall balance between opportunities and risks, with the aim of increasing added value for our Company and our shareholders by analyzing and seizing new market opportunities.