Opportunities and challenges of digitalization

Digitalization will completely revolutionize our lives and the way we work. Even now, we are already beginning to see new forms of collaboration, unprecedented business models, and greater automation of activities. That’s why it is vital that we equip our managers and employees with digital skills, because people are the keys to our success, both today and tomorrow. It’s also why we need to be an attractive employer to talented individuals. We must create working environments and use technologies that enable us to network among ourselves. Leadership will change, too, to become more participative and virtual. Decision-making will become ever faster. Digitalization opens the door to a host of amazing opportunities and we intend to make the best possible use of them.

The topics mentioned here guide our strategic priorities in HR. In 2018, we continued to work on the following key areas:

Our HR priorities

  1. Talent strategy and planning
  2. Performance management and leadership
  3. Working in the digital age
  4. Skills management and innovative training opportunities

In this section we describe details of example projects and initiatives designed with these priorities in mind.