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Development of business in the operating segments

Gross vs. net recognition of revenues – change in the principal/agent consideration. In light of the IFRS Interpretations Committee’s agenda decision published in May 2022 on transactions involving the commercial resale of software, Deutsche Telekom has implemented comprehensive changes to its accounting practices with respect to the recognition of gross vs. net revenues, effective the start of the third quarter of 2022. The prior-year comparatives for revenue and order entry were adjusted with retrospective effect.

For further information on the change in policy, please refer to the section “Development of business in the Group.

Reassignment of the security business. Effective July 1, 2022, Deutsche Telekom reassigned its subsidiary Deutsche Telekom Security and the security business in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, and Slovakia from the Systems Solutions operating segment to the Germany operating segment in order to maintain a consistent focus on implementing our Group strategy pillar “Lead in business productivity.” Prior-year comparatives in both of the segments affected concerning the development of operations, customer development, headcount development, and order entry were adjusted retrospectively.