Group organization, strategy, and management

With regard to our Group organization, strategy, and management, please refer to the explanations in the combined management report in the 2020 Annual Report. The following changes and/or additions were recorded from the Group’s point of view:

Reassignment of the Internet of Things (IoT) growth area. Effective January 1, 2021, Deutsche Telekom reassigned the responsibility for business and profit and loss for Deutsche Telekom IoT GmbH from the Systems Solutions operating segment to the business customer unit in the Germany operating segment. The Group subsidiary is responsible for the IoT business of Deutsche Telekom. This reassignment puts us in a position to serve the IoT market more quickly and thus to strengthen Deutsche Telekom’s position on this growth market. Prior-year comparatives in both of the segments affected (development of operations, customer development, headcount development, and order entry) were adjusted retrospectively.

Reassignment of the Austrian cell tower business. As of January 1, 2021, Deutsche Telekom reassigned its Austrian cell tower business from the Europe operating segment to GD Towers in the Group Development operating segment to enhance efficiency in the management of the cell tower business. In addition, GD Towers will increase its efforts to expand third-party business, increase profitability, and develop growth areas. Prior-year comparatives in both of the segments affected have not been adjusted.

Reorganization of DT IT. As of January 1, 2021, Deutsche Telekom IT (DT IT) Russia, DT IT Slovakia, and DT IT Hungary were reassigned from the Germany operating segment to the Group Headquarters & Group Services segment. Prior-year comparatives in both of the segments affected have not been adjusted.

Act responsibly. We fulfill our responsibility to society by systematically aligning our core business processes with the principle of sustainability. We have expanded our existing climate strategy to include a new Group program: Our aim with #GreenMagenta is to make a meaningful contribution toward protecting the climate and conserving resources. Carbon neutrality for our own emissions, often referred to as net zero, is to be achieved by 2025 at the latest. The emissions involved from the production stage to operation by the customer are also to be reduced to net zero by 2040 – ten years earlier than originally planned.

IoT – Internet of Things
The IoT enables the intelligent networking of things like sensors, devices, machines, vehicles, etc., with the aim of automating applications and decision-making processes. Deutsche Telekom’s IoT portfolio ranges from SIM cards and flexible data rate plans to IoT platforms in the cloud and complete solutions from a single source.