Contingent liabilities

This section provides additional information and explains recent changes in the contingent liabilities as described in the consolidated financial statements for the 2018 financial year.

Lawsuits filed by partnering publishers of telephone directories. In the lawsuits filed by the partnering publishers of telephone directories, two of the suits suspended in the first instance were withdrawn after the already reported ruling of the Federal Court of Justice in January 2019 went in favor of Deutsche Telekom. As a result, ten proceedings are still pending with a total claim of approximately EUR 70 million plus interest. For nine of these suits, appeal proceedings are still in process with the German Federal Court of Justice while the tenth remains suspended. Proceedings before the administrative court were also brought to a close after the remaining two plaintiffs withdrew their respective suits.

Claims for damages against Slovak Telekom following a European Commission decision to impose fines. On February 21, 2019, Slovak Telekom and Deutsche Telekom filed an appeal with the European Court of Justice against the ruling by the General Court of the European Union of December 13, 2018 in which the fines imposed by the European Commission were partially overturned and the level of the fines reduced.